New great action: Postmarked, P.O.Box 1293

Boston, Ma. 02117, USA

Postmarked schrieb:
 To Whom it May Concern:

 We are design students at the School of the Museum of
 Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.  We are
 currently working on an international mail art
 project, entitled "Postmarked: A Mail Art Project™"
 We have sent you this E-mail because we are looking
 for people to take part in this project.

 If you are not the right person to contact please pass
 this on to someone more appropriate.

 Project Purpose:
 • To begin a visual dialogue with many different
 people, from many nations, about the universal problem
 of terrorism

 Questions Raised:
 • Who is labeled a terrorist?
 • How does one view a terrorist?
 • What is an act of terrorism?

 We are sending these postcards to many countries
 around the world.

 If you would like to participate in this project,
 please send us your mailing address and contact
 information.  We will then send you a package of
 postcards to distribute.

 Package will contain:
 •10 postcards to be distributed.
 • The following instructions in multiple languages:

     How have you been affected by terrorism?  
 Respond artistically on this postcard or create a new
 one. NO ENVELOPES, Postcards only.
 Thank you.

 Thank you for your time and interest in this project.