September-December 1996
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Global Mail is a cross cultural, cross-media listing of all kinds of art projects, exchanges, collaborations, & mail art events. It comes out three times a year in January, May, & September.

The listings have the title/theme first, then the due date (year-month-day), followed by the theme, specs, and ad-dress. Entries are generally in alphabetical order by category, then theme.

Feel free to copy and distribute Global Mail in its entirety. The Global Mail listings are anti-copyright but please credit. Text sections may not be excerpted without permission. Permission is usually easy to get. Be specific when requesting info on authors for seeking copyrights.

Direct all inquiries to Michael Dittman, Grove City Factory Stores, PO Box 1309, Grove City, PA,16127, USA.


Listings: Mail Art, Actions, Ad Swaps, Archives, Art Projects, Books, Boycotts, Co-ops, Comix/Humor,
Compilations/Portfolios, Conceptual, Deaths, Distros, Dreams, Erotic, Exchanges, Gender, Health, Messages, Newcomers, Penpal Periodicals, Performances, Poetry, Politics, Postal & Artist Stamps, Postcards, Queer, Re-search, Resources,
Reviewers, Rubber Stamps, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Tape/Sound/Comps, Text & Writings Listings, Video/Film, Zines Requesting
Contributors, Email/BBS, Computer, Websites, Address Changes, Thanks, and The Fine Print.

Text, Letters, Peeves, Living Scene Reports, Net News, Help Desk, Copyright data, etc.:Text Section

And now, the listings...


<<GARBAGE FOR THE NAZIS>>, National Vanguard Books is a front for white supremicist propaganda. Show them
how much you like what they're doing by filling their mailbox with garbage. Contact hoffo@drycas. club.cc.cmu.edu for more
details -- National Vanguard Books, Dept. R, PO Box 90, Hillsboro, WV, 24946, USA

Ad Swaps

<<CHERRY BOMB!>>, Free ads and classifieds in this delicious new zine. Send the advertised item for review, and receive a free copy of Cherry Bomb! in exchange -- Cherry Bomb!, c/o Gary, 15 Goosecroft Gardens, Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England, DL6 IEJ, UK
 <<GELFLING69>>, Run your ad for free for zinesters all over the world to see. This was formerly titled Exclu-sive -- Gelflling69, C. Jake Cordova, PO Box 18344, Salt Lake City, UT, 84118, USA, Gelfing69@ aol.com
Neue Anschrift!! : <<GELFLING69>>;  http://users.aol.com/DarkBlueMe; DarkBlueMe@aol.com
            Innocent Mind Productions
            c/o C. Jake Cordova
            PO BOX 9643
            Salt Lake City Ut 84109-0643
 <<MALEVOLENCE>>, Small press poetry magazine willing to trade ads. We'll run your ad until the end of the year. All publications considered -- Malevolence, PO Box 55, Willoughby, OH, 44094, USA

<<SURVIVOR>>, Accepting ad swaps with other publications that have a libertarian bent -- Survivor, c/o Evans, 11-15 45th Avenue, Apt. 2E, Long Island City, NY, 11101, USA ||
| <<THE DUNGEON>>, We are seeking ads for publication.
We will run your ad if you run ours. We take any type of ad. Questions? Send a stamp -- The Outcast Society, PO Box 256,
Shannon, NC, 28386, USA
 <<YEAH...AND?>>, Wish to trade ads for zines with an individual sovereignty smell to them
-- The Conservatory School Institute, 1305 A. Cullen, Ste. A, Austin, TX, 78757, USA


<<FREE WHILE THEY LAST>>, A compilation of 300 names and addresses of individuals who never send out anything except chain-mail, so you'll know who NEVER to send mail art to! -- Pag-Hat The Rat Girl, PO Box 20610, Seattle, WA, 98102, USA

Mail-Art-Museum c/o Friedhelm Schulz, An der Kirche 12, 37574 Einbeck, Germany: send me something about my questions: „What about our skin?", „Soll man das christliche  Glaubensbekenntnis verändern? One should chance the Christian profession of faith?"", „What is art?" „How is knowledge influenced by the structure of knowledge?"
<<ARCHIVE OF ARTISTIC POSTCARDS>>, Send your homemade or printed postcards and I will reciprocate -- Predrag Popovic, B. Poljakovic 5, 34000 Kragujevac, Yugoslavia
 <<DIARY ARCHIVES>>, Don't throw out your diaries! Your life is interesting to us. Non-profit archive pre-serves personal journals, scrapbooks, photo albums, excerpts or complete sets. Any format or size. Anonymous excerpts exchanged with permission upon request -- Steve Alexander, Diary Archives, PO Box 273, Station Westmount, Quebec, H3Z 2T2, Canada
 Close my eyes with snow and ice, when the pain of seeing becomes too strong for the birds in aquariums.- Ver-meulen||| <<LATINO-AMERICAN NETWORK ARCHIVE>>, Send all media, mail art, projects, videos, zines, experimental poetry, music, sound, or anything that can be preserved. Materials available to all who ask, espe-cially Latino-Americans. Doc to all, periodically -- Clemente Padin, C. Correos Central 1211, Montevideo, 11000, Uruguay, juanra@ chasque.apc.org
 <<NAPARTHEID>>, We are putting together a fanzine library and would like to make contacts with publishers around the globe to get new ideas and produce exhibitions. We would also appreciate zines for the library, and mailing lists of contacts -- Napartheid, 127. postakutxa, Trintxerpe-Pasaia 20110, Gipuzkoa - Basque Country, Spain

Send indie publications made in New York state to be placed in an archival collection -- Billlie Aul, Sr. Librarian, Manuscripts and Special Collections, New York State Library, Albany, NY, 12230, USA
 <<POSTER ART ARCHIVE>>, Send your old and new printed posters or any unwanted art posters. No return. Possible exhibition. All materials will be documented -- Dmitry Bulatov, Art Department, The City Art Museum, Kaliningrad Area, 236016, Russia

 <<SAFE HAVEN ZINE LIBRARY>>, A library for zines and other underground publications seeking zines. Available for in-house reading or check-out. Make arrangements to stop by if you're in town. Send a first class stamp or IRC for a newsletter -- Safe Haven Zine Library, PO Box 8054, Austin, TX, 78713, USA, Sa-rootabaker@mail.utexas.edu
 <<SQUISHED PENNY MUSEUM>>, 1997-01-01, We are actively seeking donations of elongated pennies that come from coin-operated vending machines in touristy locales. You will be acknowledged as a donor with your own plaque at the museum and receive our forthcoming newsletter. Please include your story on how you ac-quired the penny -- Squished Penny Museum, 1242B Columbia Road NW, Washington, DC, 20009, USA
 <<TONERWORKS>>, Send xerography art to this archive if you consider yourself primarily a xerox or copy artist -- Reed Altemus, Tonerworks Copy-Art Archive, PO Box 422, Cumberland, ME, 04021, USA

Art Projects

<<BARBIE COSTUME WORLD>>, Send me cloth and used hankerchiefs to create groovy costumes for Barbie dolls -- Yuko Shimokishi, 3-10-36-403, Hamoriminamimachi, Toyonaka, Osaka 561, Japan
 <<CROSSES FROM THE WORLD: HOMMAGE TO INDIGENOUS PEOPLE>>, 1999-01-01, Please send your cross. Free size and media. No rejections. No returns. All works will be used in a mixed media installation. Doc to all -- Hans Braumuller, Los Almendros 3898, Nunoa, Santiago, Chile
 <<CYANO-BACTERIA INTERNATIONAL>>, This network wishes to encourage members to experiment with new mediums and languages for propagation of the poetical message. Write for details -- J Lehmus, Stenbocksv. 24, 70820 Kuopio Finland, 02860 Esbo, Finland
 <<DE CLITORIS>>, Need pictures or text for a masters project -- Carroll Brooks, PO Box 3015, Peoria, IL, 61612, USA
 <<HOMAGE TO GUILLERMO DEISLER 1940-1995>>, 1996-09-30, Send Guillermo Deisler's works, and any remembrances for an exhaustive exposition at the Visual Arts Dept. of the University of Chile, his mother country. All the works will be donated to the Univ. of Chile. Doc to all -- Clemente Padin, C. Correos Central 1211, Montevideo, 11000, Uruguay
 <<NYOTAKU>>, Seeking women in Finland to do a performance/collaborative painting. Women paint with their bodies (nude) on canvas, and I add to it. 154 works have been created so far. The project will eventually include 1000 works -- Shozo Shimamoto, 1-1-10, Koshienguchi, Nishinomiya, 633, Japan
 <<PARCO SAN GIORGIO>>, 1997-01-01, An all recycled fun and education theme park seeking design ideas and plans. This is a major alternative project "Disneyworld" to be built in the central mediterranean island of Sar-dinia -- Rap Studios, 209 E. 7th St., New York, NY, 10009, USA
 <<PENNY HEAVEN>>, Every day all over the world people toss away pennies in trash cans and wishing wells. Send a penny, or another worthless coin from any country to help create the world's largest penny collection. Your coins will become a massive work of art! -- L. L. Penny, HC66, Box 43, Cascade Locks, OR, 97014, USA
 <<WHERE DO YOU LIVE?>>, Send used automobile license tags for display over ugly kitchen paneling. Also seeking photos or magazine clippings for watercolor ideas -- Joyce Peak, 400 First St., Edgerton, KS, 66021, USA
Mail-Art-Museum c/o Friedhelm Schulz, An der Kirche 12, 37574 Einbeck, Germany: send me something about my questions: „What about our skin?", „Soll man das christliche  Glaubensbekenntnis verändern? One should chance the Christian profession of faith?"", „What is art?" „How is knowledge influenced by the structure of knowledge?"


1997-05-31, Send me a picture, photograph, photocopy, drawing, or whatever, of your favorite treehouse, real or imagined. Free size and media. Receive doc in the form of a small book -- Sue Robinson, 920 Bertrand St., Man-hattan, KS, 66502, USA suebob@ksu. ksu.edu, http://www.ksu. edu/~suebob/
 <<MAGAZINES FOR LIBRARIES>>, 1997-03-01, For the first time, this reference title of reviews and order-ing info will include zines. Send your zine, including back issues, ordering information, as well as future issues for possible inclusion. Everything received will also be considered for review in MSRRT -- Chris Dodge, Zines for Libraries, 4645 Columbus Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN, 55407, USA cdodge@hennepin.lib.mn.us
 <<SALVATION ARMY>>, Looking for info on the Salvation Army for an expose on corruption, colonialism, cultishness, and cronyism -- c/o PO Box 4434, Melbourne Uni, Parkville, 3052, Australia
 <<TATTOOING>>, Charles Gatewood seeks anything concerning tattooing, piercing, cutting, branding, scarifi-cation, or any other unusual body art, play, or modification for a new book -- Charles Gatewood, Flash, PO Box 410052, San Francisco, CA, 94141, USA
 <<TZART>>, Seeking book art. No other details -- Asociacion Artistica Amuna Duse (12), Apdo.de Correos 4.033, 50.002 Zaragoza, Spain
 <<YEARBOOK>>, 1997-01-20, We have begun work on an anthology of zine writing that will be published at the end of this year. Send the author's name and address, the name and address of the publication in which it ap-peared, and the approximate date of the publication. Work from 1996 only, please -- Jen Angel, PO Box 3593, Columbus, OH, 43210, USA, angel+@osu.edu


<<CHERRY BOMB!>>, Bands, labels, distros, and zines -- send your flyers to be sent out with my zine -- Gary, 15 Goosecroft Gardens, Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England, DL6 IEJ, UK
 <<REAL ROCK MAGAZINE>>, Seeking ad space or fanzine trades -- Dawn Greer, Real Rock Magazine, PO Box 5296, Richmond, CA, 94805, USA
 <<TERRA LIBRA>>, Want to distro your free zines in Austin, TX? Send 30 copies, and I'll get them out! -- William E. Roland, 1305 A. Cullen, Ste. A, Austin, TX, 78757, USA   [return to main menu]


Send me good copies of your comics for a future comix compilation! -- Antonio Biella, Via Nazionale, 62, 98163 Sparta (ME), Italy
 Are there any comic fanatics out there who want to let me in on the real world of Marvel, DC, and Image? I would also like to trade 12" x 18" or 18" x 24" drawn, colored reproductions for comics -- Jeff Cox, PI# 101443, AZ State Prison - Tuscon/Cimarron, 10,000 S. Wilmot Rd., Tucson, AZ, 85777, USA
 <<BABY SUE>>, Send submissions of cartoons and fiction for this darkly humorous zine -- Baby Sue, PO Box 1111, Decatur, GA 30031-1111 USA
 <<EXCHANGE>>, Crazy Canadian comic book artist wants to view master reels and letters. In return, I will send you my comics! -- Robin Bougie, PO Box 1653, Chemainus, B.C., VOR-IKO, Canada
 <<EXTREME MAGAZINE>>, Seeking comix for zine -- T. Hojager Olesen, Marius Holst Gade 6, 4.th, DK-8700 Horsens, Denmark
 <<YIP>>, YIP currently gets very few submissions, making publishing each issue a real struggle. Though techni-cally the magazine could be published without any material, it would be far less interesting. Submit your humor-ous stories, fun pages, comics -- or anything else, YIP Magazine, 958 Rambleberry Ave., Pickering, Ontario, L1V 5Y5, UK


1997-04-01, Send 100 2D or 3D small items for inclusion in a compilation. Max box size 3" x 6" x 3" -- Laura Poll, PO Box 703, Navesink, NJ, 07752, USA
 <<A TRIBUTE TO GUILLERMO DEISLER>>, 1996-09-30, Send 100 originals of 21 x 14,8cm (Din A5) as in the tradition of UNI/vers. Assembling book to all participants. -- Send works to my German address: Hans Brau-muller, c/o Bschor, Reeperbahn 156, 20359 Hamburg, Germany
 <<BRIC*A*BRAC>>, A new assembling zine of mail art. Open theme. To participate, send 20 pages size 10.5cm x 15cm. No b/w photocopies. Leave 1cm on longest side. Bound collection to every artist -- A1 Waste Paper Co, 71 Lambeth Walk, London, England, SE11 6DX, UK
 <<BRIO CELL>>, Send texts, diagrams, references, and abstracts for infusion into this continuous visual con-ceptual poetry project. Send 20 photocopies, electrographic prints, and ready-mades. Size A4 (297 x 210 mm). Please sign your work. Participants get portfolio -- J Lehmus, Stenbocksv. 24, 02860 Esbo, Finland
 <<FIELD REPORT>>, 1996-12-31, Send 100 copies of a documentation of a performance, instruction, mani-festo, or journey work that you conceive of as a Field Study action, and accordingly signed "Field Study Emana-tion by ____". Copies have to be flat and in landscape format. Size A5. Doc -- David Dellafiora, 28 Caversham Rd., Kentish Town, London, NW5 2TJ, UK
 <<FOUND PAGES>>, I am seeking visually stimulating papers, unusual materials (such as X-rays or textured papers), color rich photos, billboard papers, maps, cast offs that are intriguing, and pages that are specific to you and your life. Send forty 8" x 11" or A4. Do not send S/M, porn, death, drugs, etc. Positive, visually stimulating pages only -- Bill Whorrall, Indiana Books, RR 3, Box 24, Shoals, IN, 47581, USA
 <<MANI ART>>, A ten year old international networking magazine and assembling project. Send 60 originals, copies, or postcards size 21 x 15cm. Free media and theme. Doc to all participants -- Pascal Lenoir, 11 Ruelle De Champagne, 60680 Grandfresnoy, France
 <<NETWORKZINE>>, Send 18 copies or originals of inner maps, alternative icons, counter-mythologies, sig-nals of human dignity, performance projects and documentations, etc. A5 size only. You'll receive an issue of the zine in return -- Nielsen Gavina, V. V.lli Cervi 19, 27049 Stradella (PV), Italy
 <<ORIGINAL AND FORGERY BOX>>, 1996-10-15, Cyberspace box with virtual cheque card, patented mouse droplets and original mail art dada. Participants send 95 originals A4 or 21 x 29,7 x 3cm. Send five lines of biography or your statement on mail art. One issue of PIPS in return -- PIPS-DADA-CORPORATION, c/o Claudia Putz, Prinz-Albert-Str.31, D- 53115 Bonn, Germany
 <<PAINT IT GREEN>>, Send 20 original works of visual and experimental poetry. Max size 14 x 20cm. No photocopies -- Antonio Gomez, Apdo. 186, 06800 Merida, Badajoz, Spain
 <<SAFE TO EAT>>, Send 20 works. Photos or postcards. No photocopies. Free portfolio to all participants -- Bartek Nowak, Karta Zine, Spoldzielcza 3/39, 42-300 Myszkow, Poland
 <<STAMPZINE>>, Send 75 hand stamped rubber stamp artworks sized 8.5" x 11" (or A4). Doc to all con-tributors -- Picasso Gaglione, Stamp Art Gallery, 466 8th St., San Francisco, CA, 94103, USA
 <<SURPRISE ART PROJECT>>, Send ten original works. Free technique. Max size 9 x 9cm. Compilation to participants -- Abel Figueras, PO Box 92070, Barcelona 08080, Spain
 <<TENSETENDONED>>, Send 56 originals, copies, postcards, or 120 stickers/ artistamps, for networker peri-odical of accumulation and distribution, maximum size 5" x 8" (12 x 20 cm) -- M. B. Corbett, PO Box 155, Pre-ston Park, PA 18455, USA
 <<USSR 1049 - ORANGE>>, Experimental and conceptual mail art folio. Send 20 original works. Max size 240mm x 170mm. Open theme. Send art, documents, references, visual poetry, diagrams, drawings, prints, pho-tos, and text. Doc sent each 20 contributions -- Watson Press, "Cestria", 21 Gladstone Street, Hartlepool, Cleve-land, TS24 0PE, England


<<ALT.NEOISM>>, We have posted a formal request for establishing alt.neoism in the alt.config newsgroup, and now we need voices of support to get it established. Please add a message to the thread PROPOSAL:alt.neoism saying why you would find this newsgroup indispensible -- monty@neoism.org, or cant-sin@zedat.fu-berlin.de
 <<COMPUTER JOCKEY NEEDED>>, I'm looking for a local computer jockey with usenet, internet, and www access for occasional paid assignments -- Singh, 4040 Manila Ave., Box A, Oakland, CA, 94609, USA
 The glacier provokes a diversion of the border of war because people are thinning out till they disappear from the landscape. - Vermeulen
 <<ELECTRO-GRAPHIC ART INTERNATIONAL>>, 1997-01-31, Computer generated art, and copy art from those who specialize in the media as an art form. Free size and theme. Max size A4. Exhibition in 1997. Catalog -- Bruno Pollacci, c/o International Mail Art Archive, Via L. Boccherini 12, 56122 Pisa, Italy
 <<FLUXLIST>>, Send an email message to majordomo@scribble.com with the following command in the body of the message: subscribe FLUXLIST (your email address)


<<BE A SUBSTITUTIONIST!>>, Substitute something with something else -- Russo Marcello, via S. Se-bastiano 26, 33080 Roveredo, PN, Italy, and Casagrande-Napolin Fabio, Apathya, via Roma 53, 31021 Mogliano V.T.O. (Tv), Italy
 <<LIFE AFTER BIRTH>>, This is my new zine on the boundless blue sky, the light of my eye, the echo loop of language, the pump of my heart, tea and sympathy, and more! Send an IRC for a copy -- Benedict Moleta, PO Box 303, Claremont 6010, Western Australia


<<ERNEST MANN>>, See issue dedication, page X -- Ernest Mann, Little Free Press, 301 SE 11th St., Lot 218, Little Falls, MN, 56345, USA
 <<TORU TAKEMITSU>>, 1996-08-31, Takemitsu is a great Japanese composer. He died on February 20, 1996. Please send your homage to Takemitsu, and I will send a booklet to you from the many artists that loved his work. No exhibition. All works will be sent to Takemitsu's family on 2/20/97 -- Keiichi Nakamura, 1-18-7- 402 Kamiochiai, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 161, Japan
 <<JOEL 3>>, I am currently attempting to initiate a mail art show to commemorate the death of the Los Angeles based artist Joel 3. I would appreciate any info or mailing lists you might have -- Ophelia Necra, c/o Mabsent Research, 611 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE #252, Washington, DC, 20003, USA


Usually we send IRC's in return for each issue sold as we do not have any currency other than Canadian. Send inquiries first -- Jeff Miller, 114 Canter Blvd., Nepean, Ontario, K2G-2M7, Canada
 <<121 BOOKSHOP>>, We are devoted to distributing a diverse range of radical material, attracting strange signals, and promoting subversive ideas. Send 6 copies of each product and an invoice. We will return what we do not sell -- 121 Centre Bookshop, 121 Railton Rd., Brixton, London, England, SE24, UK
 <<CHIMP WEST>>, Punk, zines, comic books, books, shirts, and stickers. Wholesale and retail. Send two stamps for list. Adult list is one stamp and a signed age statement -- Married Punks/Chimp West, PO Box 713, Eureka, CA, 95502, USA, DougKaoz@aol.com
 <<CHOOZY DISTRIBUTION>>, Seeking to distro zines, books, and music in Australia. Send a sample, whole-sale rates, and info. Consignment/trades preferred. Send an IRC for catalog -- c/o PO Box 4434, Melbourne Uni, Parkville, 3052, Australia, Fax +61+39+3291997
 <<EXPERIMENTAL DISTRO>>, We are a little distro with non-profit intentions. We distribute things related to anarchy, vegetarianism, comics, art, poetry, skateboards, sXe, animal/human rights, and other alternative proj-ects. Send a sample with a letter -- Experimental Distro, Lina & Rui, Apartado 13, 2901 Setubal Codex, Portugal
 <<FOR WANT OF>>, A seriously smooth operation to distribute underground punk rock and DIY literature. Over 150 titles in stock from all over the globe. More creative and invigorating zines requested. Send a sample of your work, wholesale rates, and an IRC for reply -- Anthony P., PO Box HP72, Leeds, England, LS6 1XT, UK
 <<IGLOOS IN TAHITI>>, I'm mainly interested in personal and political zines, but I will also distro books, pamphlets, and stickers. I work on consignment only. Send a sample copy with prices. All stuff sent in will be reviewed in my zine, Darkness at Noon -- Igloos in Tahiti, Darkness at Noon, PO Box 465, Mountain Pine, AR, 71956, USA
 <<MITSEY DISTRIBUTION>>, DIY punk bands, tape makers (especially benefit tapes), zines, or anyone who has a DIY or punk product that they want distributed in a non-profit way -- Evan, Mitsey Distribution, PO Box 298, Sheffield, England, S10 1YU, UK
 <<NECESIDAD>>, Looking for unusual and political DIY zines, artwork, and posters to carry. We prefer items in Spanish or English. Write first with samples -- Miguel A. Lorca, Apdo. 28041, 28080 Madrid, Spain
 <<PANG>>, I am starting a zine and books distro. Send me as many copies as you can, but no more than ten. I love all kinds of DIY zines. No fucking racist, sexist, or homophobic material will be accepted. All will be re-viewed in Pang Zine. Also seeking fiction, opinions, columns, vegan recipes, and info on DIY activities -- Claudio Pomo, via Baracchini 12, 50127 Firenze, Italy
 <<SECLUDED UNIVERSE>>, Please send sample copies of your zine. Samples not used are donated to punk libraries. I deal on consignment to start. This is a 100% non-profit DIY distro -- Secluded Universe, Fanzine Mailorder, PO Box 423927, San Francisco, CA, 94141, USA, monchi@ earthlink.net
 <<TOXIC STRESS>>, If you want your tapes, demos, comp tapes, vinyl, and zines sold, write first preferably with a sample. DO NOT put the words "Toxic Stress" on the outside of the envelope -- Ade, 97 Cameron Road, Nomanton, Derby, DE23 8RT, UK


<<DREAM CLASSES>>, Seeking designs and formats of dream research classes for an article on facilitating dream groups. Send SASE -- Dr. Ann Richards, 1717 SW Park Ave., #815, Portland, OR, 97201, USA
 <<FANGS>>, I keep dreaming that my canine teeth fall out. They get loose, and then I pull them out. What does this mean? -- Rhonda Avila, 241 4th Ave., #4, Venice, CA, 90291, USA
 <<LEGAL SYSTEM>>, Seeking information and experiences involving dreaming and the legal system (for ex-ample dreams used in trials) for a project with an attorney on dreams as proofs -- c/o 37397 Riverside Drive, Pleasant Hill, OR, 97455, USA
 <<THE DREAM COLLECTOR>>, Tell me the most fantastic-surrealistist dream you ever had, or the first dream you remember from your childhood. Illustrations welcome. Zine free to contributors -- Alain Valet, 17, rue De Sesselich, 6700 Arlon, Belgium

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I am a visual poet. I am now publishing electronic documents for conceptual and other artworks. Send materials! -- Ignat Filippov, Abonent Box N1, Nizny Novgorod, Russia, 603005, email post@post.ufps.nnov.ru
 Send all to neftee@aol.com
 I am interested only in mail art related information -- Titine@ gig.net
 My brand spanking new electronic address is brant@krabis.rbi.rtu.lv -- Brant Kresovich, Riga Business School, Riga Technical Univ., Skolas 11, Riga LV-1010, Latvia
 <<BBS DIREITOS HUMANOS AND CULTURA>>, We have a forum for debating political issues, as well as a bulletin board for community projects. This BBS gives more attention to popular and community media, human rights, human wishes, culture, popular education, and ecumenism. Please send your donations of used or old computers, printers, and any kind of software or hardware -- Roberto de Oliveira Monte, BBS Direitos Humanos & Cultura, Caixa Posta 2741, Natal-RN, Nordeste do Brasil, CEP 59022-970, 970, Brazil Dados 00 55 (084) 221-3375, Voz 00 55 (084) 221-5932
 Sleeping at the corner of your mouth is a homeless smile. - Vermeulen
<<EMAIL US NOW!>>, St. Sharon at abner@bga.com
 <<XB: A BIBLIOGRAPHIC DATABASE OF THE LITERATURE OF XEROGRAPHY>>, Seeking data and info on xerox art, documentation disk to contributors. Contact through email: IP25196@portland.maine.edu OR raltemus@ well.sf.ca.us -- Xb c/o Reed Altemus, 16 Blanchard Road, Cumberland Ctr., Maine, 04021 USA


I'm an erotic and fantasy artist wet behind the ears in the zine world. I am looking for stories from real women on the theme of true and unusual sexualities and fantasies. Send your interests, daydreams, and stories. Also accept-ing clear b/w erotic or nude photos without penetration -- Jerry Mendez, PI# 955642, H-Unit, IN Youth Center, 727 Moon Road, Plainfield, IN, 46168, USA
 I would like to submit erotic stories for publication. I mostly have happy hooker stories -- Lance Trotter, PI# 217220, Central Complex, 4008 Cooper St., Jackson, MI, 49201-7518, USA
 I will give fifty cents in postage for every picture of female punk rockers in the nude. I will also send a .32 cent stamp for every picture of a punk rocker I receive. No jokes. No games -- Chris Plummer, PI# 677345, TDC, 1 Circle Dr., Sugar Land, TX, 77478, USA
 Seeking to exchange any odd or unusual erotic items. All items appreciated. Send me yours and receive England's finest in return -- S. A. H., PO Box 2429, Hornsey, London, N8 8QD, UK
 Ask for a free handmade erotic tantra sketching from India -- Dr. Vijay Puri, c/o Capital Associates, 2nd Floor, Designers Builders, Shalamar Road, Jammu-180001, India
 Needing b/w or color photos of nude or semi-nude older women. Also seeking true stories and fantasies from sex-craved older women to help put together an adult comic book series. Doc to contributors. Write for more info -- Jerry Mendez, PI# 955642, H-Unit, IN Youth Center, 727 Moon Road, Plainfield, IN, 46168, USA
 <<AMATEUR CONTESTS>>, 1996-12-31, Send XXX-rated VHS videos or photos. Send LSASE with your age and signature on the back. Over 18 only! Prizes will be awarded -- Erotica, PO Box 6184, Hilo, HI, 96720, USA
 <<EIDOS>>, Send photos, advice, letters, review, and interviews, to this magazine of all preferences and orien-tations Also seeking explicit photos of consensual gay, straight, bi, etc. eroto-sexuality. Must be 18+. Write your name, age, and permission to publish on the back of your photos -- EIDOS, PO Box 96, Boston, MA, 02137, USA
 <<FULL FRONTAL MAIL NUDITY>>, 1997-04-15, Celebrate my birthday in your birthday suit! Send full frontal nude shots of yourself with birthday wishes. Doc -- The Mail Prostitute, 7081 N. Marks, #104-170, Fresno, CA, 93711, USA
 <<LOLITA ON THE BEACH>>, Seeking photos, magazines, and video tapes of teenagers, especially naturalist stuff. Doc of finished work to contributors. Requires an over 18 statement -- Kristof Szymczak, PO Box 77, 97-400 Belchatow, Poland
 <<LOVING MORE>>, Seeking articles on group marriage and networking -- Loving More, PEP, PO Box 6306, Captain Cook, HI, 96704, USA
 <<OPEN FORUM>>, We are looking for erotic writings and artwork. Also, any materials concerning the op-pression and persecution of the individual. Payment is with a copy of the issue in which your work appears -- Open Forum, Lianos, PO Box 8343, Athens (Omonia), GR - 10010, Greece
 <<POSTKORTET>>, Send me 25 of your erotic handmade postcards (in one envelope, unstamped), and receive postcards in exchange. Max size 10 x 15cm -- Georgine Margareta Witta Kiessling Smith Jensen, Spilkammeret Sct. Hans Gade 20, Dk-4000 Roskilde, Denmark
 <<SENSUAL MOMENTS>>, All aspects of true sex stories wanted. No rape, incest, bestiality, or minors. Also need photo, art, and review material. Send age statement with requests for info -- Sensual Moments, c/o PO Box 713, Eureka, CA, 95502, USA
 <<SEX>>, What kind are you having? Safe? Butt plugs, ice cubes, nipple clips? I've run out of ideas, please help me. Doc to all -- Tray, 1716 Water St., Port Huron, MI, 48060, USA
 <<SIZZLE>>, 1997-04-30, I create the most erotic, bizarre, forbidden, taboo fantasies. Send yours and I'll turn it into a scorcher. Send NO money or SASE. Send age statement -- John Castellano, PI# 122774, PO Box 351, WCI, Waupun, WI, 53963, USA
 <<SLEEP-OVERS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME>>, Have you had a homosexual experience? Maybe with a friend, a second cousin, even your neighbor? Tell me about it. Will you do it again? Are you doing it right now as you read my request? Send your account along with whatever proof you have available -- Jason Willner, PI# 114605, AZ State Prison Complex - Tucson, Cimarron Unit, 10016 S. Wilmot Rd., PO Box 24408, Tucson, AZ, 85734, USA
 <<SMUTT MAIL>>, If you like dirty letters, then write me one and you will be guaranteed to get one from me in return -- Chris Stratemeyer, PI# 70560, ASPC-Tucson, Cimarron Unit, 10016 S. Wilmot Rd., Tucson, AZ, 85734, USA
 <<STORY OF O FANATIC>>, Sir Stephen in lifestyle seeks info (possibly more) from fellow believers or those who want to learn. Discoveries, experiences, problems, questions, fantasies, and reactions of others -- W. F., PO Box 105, West Chicago, IL, 60186, USA


Send me mail art, stickers, rubber stamps, zines, postcards, non-sport trading cards, or anything cool, and in re-turn, I'll send you a package of cool stuff! -- John Francis, 3303 W. Broadway Ave., Hopewell, VA, 23860, USA
 Send us your crap and get some in return -- Crapzine, c/o PO Box 4434, Melbourne Uni, Parkville, 3052, Aus-tralia
 Send us fake money, regional matchbooks, jack chick comics, Camel cash or Marlboro miles, or examples of whatever it is you do -- Rica and Jeremy, 2045 Walnut St., #2C, Philadelphia, PA, 19103, USA
 Send your thoughts, words, feelings, art, and photos - anything genuine and heartfelt, and I will send the same back to you -- Ron Avalon, PO Box 2505, Los Angeles, CA, 90078, USA
 I am interested in stencils and hand-carved rubber stamps. I'm also an activist in anarcho and eco movements. I also collect info about drugs -- Rafae Rafalski, PO Box 20, 60-366 Poznan 31, Poland
 Send mail art and get a photo in return -- Chris Keeley, 4000 Tunlaw Rd. NW, #1119, Washington, DC, 20007, USA
 I would like to exhange pop culture magazines, toys, posters, music, video, food, and anything from other coun-tries. In exchange, I'll send American pop culture junk -- Kristy, PO Box 1791, Fort Myers, FL, 33901, USA
 Seeking to trade small books of poetry -- Sean Woodward, 11 Menin Road, Allestree, Derby, DE22 2NL, Eng-land, UK, dragonheart@ compuserve.com, http://dougal.derby.ac.uk/ lpoets
 Send me any photos of graffiti art from your part of the world, and I'll send you photographs of spraycan art from Barcelona -- Abel Figueras, Aptdo 92070, 08080 Barcelona, Spain
 Seeking disco music recordings from the 1970's. Any format. In exchange, I will send French or European music, probably in cassette or CD format. Send IRC with inquiries. Even exchange only. Mark all packages "small gift, zero dollar value" -- Lisa Falour, 117, Boulevard Voltaire, MBE 177, 75011 Paris, France
 <<BODY PARTS>>, I am interested in receiving doll parts to grow plants in for my "body garden." In  --

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