Auf diesen Bildern versuche ich den Entschluß darzustellen,
den Entschluß zum Stop oder zur Veränderung
Because something more difficult to realize and to understand as portraits or Jugenstil whence as well the requirements to the artist of our time, who has to know the cogitations of the modern time since Paul Cesannès and the art-kritik critique since DADA
and he can not ignore that. It is a blessing, that the science of art  are upsides with such as a jungle since the 2.
world ßwar. However - naturally result from that some new difficulties and its appreciation new intricatenesses.
Sciences may no realise art, but they sit such as goblins with the bullwhip and monkeybusinesses on the back of
the artist. But that is a topic - not only - of the of the modern art-theory.
My actual pictures you see here - I call them the elementary particle -  they are the representation of a human decision - to a
„change" or to a „stop".
Alle Maße sind etwa 17,5cm mal 26cm 

y81  63H





173xx   64N


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